During the federal election campaign of June 2004 John Ince will be touring Canada to encourage politicians, the media and electors to support the repeal of anti-sexual laws.

This is his schedule:
June 9 7.30PM Vancouver Lecture - Vancouver Public Library
June 14 Guelph University Lecture - Sexuality Conference
June 14 Toronto Interview - Book Television
June 15-18 Toronto Presentation - IdeaCity

Here is the Media Release announcing the campaign:

SEX and the Election - an issue of life and death


VANCOUVER, June 7 /CNW/ - A Vancouver lawyer and sex educator is launching a national campaign to put sex on the election agenda.

"Federal politicians are responsible for laws aimed at sex that are as intolerant as laws once aimed at racial minorities," says John Ince, author of the acclaimed book The Politics of Lust. "These laws must be repealed."

"Sexual policies are literally a life and death issue," he says. "For example, Canadian laws prohibiting indoor sex work have been implicated in the recent mass killings of prostitutes, yet most federal politicians have steadfastly opposed any reform."

He points to another bizarre law that prohibits anal intercourse if more than two people are present. "Federal officials have an unhealthy preoccupation with anal sex," says Ince.

The national government also restricts the freedom of writers, painters, photographers, and performers who deal with erotic themes. "The censors at the Canadian border are the laughing-stock of the artistic world," says Ince. "Successive generations of Liberal and Conservative cabinet ministers have supported this systematic attack on artistic freedom."

Ince says the media plays an important role in this anti-sexual system. "Not one Canadian mainstream reporter covers the sexuality beat. So politicians never have to defend their sexual prohibitions."

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